shopping for the best products

If you’re acne prone, chances are you’ve tried a lot of items on the market today.  While looking for the best products for your acne, you’ve probably used things that are full of  comedogenic ingredients.   If  you keep using products with pore cloggers in them, you will not get clear skin.  Here is a list of some common comedogenic ingredients.  They can be found in makeup, skincare, and hair products.  If you want the best products on your skin, be sure to check your products against this list.

Algae Extract
Oleic Acid
Cocoa Butter
Shea Butter
Coconut Butter
Grapeseed Oil
Coconut Oil
Shark Liver Oil

Colloidal Sulfur
Coal Tar
Cotton Seed Oil
Sesame Oil
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Linseed Oil
Isopropyl Myristate


Isopropyl Palmitate
Lauric Acid
Hexylene Glycol
Almond Oil
Mink Oil
Argan Oil
Baobab Oil
Avocado Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Corn Oil

Peanut Oil
Potassium Chloride
Cetyl Acetate
Sodium Laurel Sulfate
Sodium Lauryth Sulfate
Myristyl Myristate