Barbara Jackson Skincare

Your Personal Acne Specialist

Don’t want to use antibiotics and harsh prescriptions because of the possible side effects?

Are you tired of trying product after product and nothing seems to work?

Are you looking for a more natural solution to get rid of your acne?

Let me help you!


Whatever you call them — blemishes, pimples, or zits — they are extremely frustrating! After your teenage years, they didn’t go away like you thought they would. You were hoping for clear skin. Instead, here you are still struggling with it as an adult.  Well, it’s not just you! There are various studies that have shown that adult acne is increasing, and more frequently in women.

How many times have you held your head down, hoping no one would notice you? Have you ever wondered what people actually think of you or say about you behind your back?  Acne can really lower your self esteem and cause anxiety or depression. As an esthetician, I’ve met many women who felt the very same way. I’m here to tell you that acne doesn’t have to control you anymore. You can have AMAZING skin, and without taking prescription drugs or using expensive products or treatments.

Why do you need an Acne Specialist?


You need to have a personalized clear skin plan

You need help choosing the right products for your skin type AND knowing which products you need to avoid

You need someone to guide you and motivate you every step of the way

Products alone won’t clear your acne.  Stop wasting your money on the latest fads. You need an expert’s guidance. By making improvements in your diet, lifestyle, and skin care routine, you can have the skin that you’ve always wanted.  Here you’ll find  tools and resources that can help you finally get rid of those embarrassing blemishes.



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